WorldViews is a collaborative project run by the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute in cooperation with a large number of project partners and contributors. It owes its success to the commitment of numerous academics from around the world.

You can participate as contributors by selecting sources along the topics and proposing them for the edition, commenting on a source already published or selected by you, or writing an essay or educational history.

We welcome new contributors and suggestions for the improvement and optimisation of our continuously growing online edition of sources. We strive to continually improve our offering in terms of usability and, most importantly, research usability.

Please send us your hints. We will incorporate them in consultation with you in a suitable manner in our edition. If you know suitable sources, potential authors or research yourself on the topic and would like to comment on contributions, please contact the project staff at the following e-mail address: worldviews [at] leibniz-gei [dot]de.

Concrete suggestions for improving the functions of the platform are also welcome. You can also help us by reporting bugs or sending suggestions on translations at the following e-mail address: worldviews [at] leibniz-gei [dot]de.