WorldViews is a multilingual, digital resource for primary source material, containing digitised excerpts from textbooks from around the world on topics that are of global, transnational and interregional relevance.

The textbook excerpts from countries around the globe illustrate how each country positions itself in the world and how other countries and their histories are presented. The excerpts reveal a certain historical fluidity with respect to regional and spatial attributions. They illustrate how bodies of knowledge and connotations can vary on a worldwide level, and how they shift over the course of time. WorldViews reflects the societal production, organisation and circulation of knowledge as well as its cross-regional ‘translatability’, and how it is informed by various media and interwoven into historical processes.

WorldViews presents digitised and academically edited source material from textbooks for history, geography and social studies or politics. The transcribed original texts and their German and English translations are also provided in TEI format in order for content to be processable using tools from the digital humanities. The selected texts are contextualised through information detailing the book title, authors and publisher, and by academic annotations. Furthermore, we provide essays addressing questions relevant to inter-disciplinary and transnational research into educational media. Our individual educational histories provide a deeper insight into the education systems of the respective countries.

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