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de Brito, Laureano: Resumo de História geral e pátria para uso das escolas comerciais. Tipografia Minerva, 1929, 122.

"Political geography of Europe at the end of modern times"

[p. 122]

The political geography of Europe at the end of modern times:

Northern States - England, the first for its navy commerce, comprising Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland; Denmark, having Norway and Iceland; Sweden, in the possession of Finland and part of Pomerania; and Russia feared by its extension.

Central States - France with today’s territory and the island of Corsica; Netherlands; Switzerland; Prussia, the first nation in Europe for its military organization; and Austria, holding Belgium, the German Empire, comprising several sovereign states, and the kingdoms of Bohemia and Hungary, which were under the hegemony of the house of Austria. The Poland disappeared, divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Southern States - Portugal and Spain with the current extension; Italy divided into several states; kingdoms of Naples and Savoy, with Sardinia, ducats of Tuscany, Parma and Modena, the Pope states and Austrian lands Lombardy and Venetia; and Turkey, lady of all Balkan peninsula.

Outside Europe, there were the United States, independent, and a number of colonies, formed by the land of Spain, Portugal, Spain, France, Holland and Ingleterra.


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