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Murphy, Deirdre; Ryan, Jim: One World, Civic, Social and Political Education for Junior Certificate. Dublin: The Educational Company of Ireland (Edco), 2010, 174–177.


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Enlargement of the EU in 2004 and 2007 has meant that Ireland now receives less financial help than it used to. Ireland will also be expected to contribute to help poorer countries in the EU acquire and enjoy some of the benefits that we now enjoy. This illustrates just how the EU has helped our country so that now we are in a position to give something back. This is an excellent example of interdependence.


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The Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is completely separate from the EU, even though it cooperates with it. The Council was set up after the Second World War to create a lasting peace and to improve society. It focuses on issues of human rights, the rule of law and basic freedom for all citizens whose countries are members of the Council.

Ireland was one of the founding members on 9th May 1949. There are now 47 members of the Council of Europe, which is based in Strasbourg.


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Founding members of the Council of Europe


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Our International Connections

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Our links and connections with other countries are becoming increasingly stronger in the modern world. This increasing level of interconnectedness is often referred to as globalisation .

Our International Trade Connections

lreland cannot produce everything it needs, therefore it has to rely on other countries to provide these goods. Other countries in turn rely on Ireland for some of their needs. Trade is the means by which goods are exchanged between countries.


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