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Bourel, Guillaume; Chevallier, Marielle: Histoire 2e. Paris: Hatier, 2006, 113.

Religious Unity and Diversity in Sixteenth-Century Europe

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Humanism and Renaissance: Birth of the Westerner

[Caption of the map:] Centres of humanism in Europe [Legend of symbols, from top:] Principal centre of the Renaissance - Centre of the Renaissance - Universities and colleges of greatest significance; centres of printing press activity - Major centres of humanism - Chateau on the Loire
[Frame with arrow in the map:] Centre of the Flemish Renaissance [in the north] - Centre of the French Renaissance [in the west] - Centre of the German Renaissance [in the south] - Centre of the Italian Renaissance [in the south]

[Caption of the map, textbox under the map:] Centres of humanism in Europe

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[Caption of the map:] Europe in the sixteenth century: political and religious aspects
[Legend of symbols, from left:] Protestant states Lutherans - Calvinists - Anglicans
[Heading, next column] Spread of Protestantism Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses here - Spread of Lutheranism - Spread of Calvinism, beginning in Geneva - Calvinist minorities in France - Centres of Calvinism Counter-Reformation and wars over religion - States or regions that remained Catholic - Movements of the Counter-Reformation - Wars over religion that took place during the 16th century [on the far right:] Ottoman Empire (Muslims and Orthodox Christians)


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