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Bouillon, Jacques; Joutard, Geneviève: Histoire seconde. Nathan, 1987, 320–321.

"The European Expansion"

[p. 320]

Chapter 28

The European Expansion

Why do the 19th century Europeans feel superior to those they call “inferior races”?

In the 19th century European industrial great powers extend their rule over the entire world, Europe monopolizes the means of power , people, technologies and money. It is also certain of its cultural superiority in the areas of philosophy, science and religion: “Our duty as the superior race in relation to inferior races,” said the socialist Proudhon, “is to lift them to our level and to make every possible effort to improve them, to strengthen them, to educate and ennoble them.” Although Europe had gradually become the epicenter of the world since the 16th century, the 19th century appears to be the “belle époque” of the white man, who is committed to carrying civilization out into the world.


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