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Malet, Albert: XIXème siècle (1815-1900). Paris: Hachette Livre, 1914, 5–6.

Restoration in Europe

[p. 5]

[Picture of a portrait of Czar Alexander I by Francois Gérard].

Czar Alexander I (1777-1825)

Portrait study of Gérard (1770-1837). – Castle of Versailles. - Photo Hachette.

The initiator of the Holy Alliance in a General’s uniform: Green uniform, wide blue ribbon, gold epaulettes, white pants, black hat with a white, black and gold plume of feathers. Blonde hair and beard, blue eyes. This full-length portrait of the czar is the work of Gérard, Paris: his well-deserved reputation as a great portrait artist is owed to the commissions he received in 1814 for portraits of all of the monarchs of the Holy Alliance.

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