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Müller, Erik; Podes, Stephan: Politik und Co., Politik-Wirtschaft für das Gymnasium. Vol. 2. C. C. Buchner Verlag, 1st ed. [1. Aufl.], 2007, 245.

"Accession negotiations with Turkey"

[p. 245]


Accession negotiations with Turkey

For more than 40 years, Turks have been hoping for an accession to the European Union. In October 2005, the EU officially started accession negotiations with Turkey. However, the accession of Turkey to the European Union is assessed controversially. The opponents of the accession see an incompatibility of Islamic and Christian culture, high costs of economic integration and a problem for security strategic reasons, if a country like Iraq were to be a neighbouring country of the EU. The supporters see a chance for the peaceful consolidation of different cultures, the possibility to counterbalance economic imbalances in Europe and the extension of the EU peace model to Southeast-Europe.


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