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Bernlochner, Ludwig: Geschichte und Geschehen, Schülerband. Stuttgart; Berlin: Ernst Klett Verlag, 1995, 279.

"A Women’s 'Republic of Letters'?"

[p. 279]

2. A Women’s “Republic of Letters”?

Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart (1739-1791), a Storm and Stress period poet, on educated women and authors: “All of Europe is currently teeming with educated vixens; in Spain the broads have erected a learned society; in France it is the “done thing” among ladies, at gatherings to speak about mathematics, metaphysics, physics, statesmanship, history, the fine sciences; in England the dames have taken up writing novels, in Russia a woman presides over the Academy; -- and in Germany? – there are currently 50 female writers and of them, 20 poetesses – What will become of this all?... Indeed, I’d like to see King Solomon, were he to walk again upon the earth, erradicate his ideal of an apt woman, as she must be, if she is to be to the glory of her husband, and assemble in her stead another who speaks in seven tongues, creates verse, writes novels, philosophizes, is a free thinker, speaks in cathedral tones and teaches doctors and professors, but who leaves the nursery, kitchen and cellar, house and yard, garden and field neglected.”

(Quotation from: Andrea van Dülmen (Ed.): Frauen: Ein historisches Lesebuch, Munich 1989)


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