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Cambón, Ramón: Breves lecciones de historia argentina. Buenos Aires: Pablo E. Coni, 1884, 7–8.

"End of the colony of Sancti Spiritus"

[p. 7]


End of the Sancti Spiritus colony.

  • The colony of Sancti Spiritus, the first settlement of the Spaniards by La Plata river, did not last long.
  • There was a very beautiful woman, Lucía Miranda, whom chief Mangoré, leader of a Timbu tribe, wanted to take into his possession; to this end, he pretended to bring supplies and entered the Fortress at night with all of his people, while the Spaniards were sleeping, seized the women and children, killed the men and burnt down the fortress.
  • The few settlers who survived because they had been

[p. 8]

away (40) left the ruins of the Fortress and retreated to Brazil (in 1532).


What was the first settlement of the Spaniards by La Plata River? – Did the Fortress of Sancti Spiritus last long? – For what reason was this Fortress destroyed? – What did the settlers do who survived this event?


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