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Cheung Hoï Ping, René-Paul; Coevoet, Jean Pierre: Histoire-Géographie - la Réunion. Paris: Groupe Hatier International, cycle 3, CE2 - CM1 - CM2 ed., 2006, 57.

The Time of the World Wars

[p. 57]

First World War or Second World War?

1 It lasted the longest.

2 Réunion was threatened by the Japanese.

3 Réunionnais a fought in the Balkans.

4 Troops came ashore on Réunion.

5 Fighting ended with an armistice on 11 November.

6 It caused the most casualties among soldiers from Réunion. b

7 This war was the most deadly for France.

8 This war was the most deadly for humanity.

Match each statement with the correct world war.

[a] Editor´s note: inhabitants of Réunion island.

[b] Editor´s note: This sentence can also be translated as: ‚It caused more casualties among soldiers from Réunion.’


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