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Kienitz, Otto; von Borries, Emil: Die Hauptereignisse der römischen Kaiserzeit. Deutsche Geschichte bis zum Ende des Dreißigjährigen Krieges, Sonderausgabe für Südwestdeutschland. Pfeifers Lehrbuch der Geschichte für höhere Lehranstalten, Vol. 5. Ferdinand Hirt Verlag, 1911, 67–74.

"The Restauration of the Empire"

[p. 74]

§ 37. The Restoration of the Empire. As Charlemagne stayed in Rome in the year 800 and carried out his prayers on Christmas morning in Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Pope Leo III approached him and placed the imperial crown on his head; those present welcomed the German emperor, who possessed the power of the earlier roman emperors, with acclamation. Charlemagne later expressed that had he known the Pope’s intention, he would not have visited the church. But the thought of restoring the West Roman Empire couldn’t have been foreign to him, it even seems that he had considered this first in his entourage, it was thus only the manner of how it was carried out that displeased him. Because the world monarchy had effectively passed over from the Romans to the Germans.


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