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Fomenky, Robert; Gwanfogbe, Mathew: Histoire du Cameroun, Cours moyen. Vol. 5/6. Yaoundé: Centre d'Édition et de Production pour l'Enseignement et de la Recherche (CEPER), 1989, 52.

"The explorers"

[p. 52]

The Explorers

The Europeans exercised a continuous presence along the coast of Cameroon from the 15th century onwards. But they did not undertake an exploration of the country’s interior until the 19th century. Until then, the Europeans considered Africa to be the "dark continent" because it remained unexplored. The Europeans searched for navigable rivers and regions where they could conduct trade. They also tried to spread their religion, Christianity, and their own lifestyle. It is important to recognise that there were those who were simply interested in discovering whatever life in this part of the African continent could teach them. However, at the end of the 19th century, the European powers were ready for the conquest and colonisation of Cameroon.

The first explorers arrived before 1884, the date of colonisation. Then there were the Germans, who came to explore the country with the aim of conquest and commerce.

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