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Namibia (2012)
First World War, Peace Treaty, League of Nations, Colonialism, Africa, Germany, Namibia, 20th Century, Indigenous peoples
: The chapter about the South African military dictatorship in Namibia deals with the First World War in the country. It lasted until 1915 and ended there with the surrender of the German colonial rulers. In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles issued South Africa with the mandate to govern Namibia, including, among other things, the intention that the country should not be dominated or exploited.
Title: "Südafrikanische Militärherrschaft in Namibia: 1915-1919"
: Das Kapitel zur südafrikanischen Militärherrschaft in Namibia befasst sich mit dem Ersten Weltkrieg in dem Land. Er dauerte bis 1915 an und endete dort mit der Kapitulation der deutschen Kolonialherren. Der Vertrag von Versailles übertrug im Jahr 1919 Südafrika ein Mandat zur Regierung von Namibia, welches unter anderem vorsah, dass das Land nicht dominiert oder ausgenutzt werden sollte
Abstract textbook: In accordance with the Namibian curriculum, this year 9 schoolbook covers the period from the turn of the 18th/19th century until the 20th century. The first of these three parts deals with the history of Namibia in this period, the second with African history and the third with European history. The excerpt under analysis, which covers the First World War in Namibia, is chapter 4.2 of part one. Because the section about European history ends with the industrial Revolution, and therefore does not reach into the 20th century, it does not contain a representation of the First World War from a European perspective.