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Mexico (1953)
Colonialism, Culture, Racial Discourse, Mexico, Indigenous peoples
Textbook: Brazil. Indigenous Era
: In this section of the text, the author lists cultural elements of the indigenous Brazilian population that were adopted by the settlers of European origin. These mainly include the knowledge and use of Brazilian flora, but also practices of healing, mythical figures and a form of neighbourly support. During the colonial period, a of European and indigenous cultures took place. The indigenous legacy manifests itself differently throughout Brazil, but is particularly visible in rural areas.
Educational level: Other
Abstract textbook: The Mexican book was published in the subseries (Indigenous Era) of the series (American History Programme) of the Instituto Panamericano de Geografía e Historia (Pan American Institute of Geography and History). The series was dedicated to the Cuban writer and independence activist José Martí in celebration of his 100th birthday and sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. It is divided into three subseries Período indígena, Período colonial, and Período nacional (Indigenous, Colonial, and National Eras). In addition to this book ten other volumes were published, primarily dedicated to regional aspects, were published.