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Brazil (1914)
Economy, Labour Movement, Colonialism, Nationalism, Migration, Brasil, Germany, 20th Century
Textbook: Dr. Wilh. Rotermund’s reader for school and house. Official reader of the German Evang. Teachers’ Association of Rio Grande do Sul
: In Peter Rosegger’s fable, a German swarm of bees emigrates to Australia. The country seems fertile, but the hard-working German bees encounter many dangers. They struggle against a swarm of locusts and get robbed. Finally, a discovers that there is no winter in Australia. He convinces the bees to stop working, since they no longer need to stock up for the winter and are only producing for others. In vain, an envoy from the queen bee attempts to convince the bees otherwise. From this point forward, they live in the moment, each enjoying the riches of nature for themselves. They lose all feelings of togetherness and belonging. Their community falls apart; they desert their queen; and they disperse into the far reaches of the abundant and dangerous land.
Abstract textbook: As the subtitle indicates, the book is an “Official Reader of the German Evang[elical] Teachers’ Association of Rio Grande do Sul”. This, as well as the prominence of its author in German evangelical circles, suggests that the book was used with priority in evangelical German schools in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. By 1900, 155 of these schools already existed, and the number was increasing rapidly. The Evangelical Teachers’ Association only became co-editor with the third – considerably revised – edition, as the preface describes.